A dozen remarks on Frisch-gate

July 11, 2006 at 1:15 am (Blogs)

Below are twelve points which round up almost everything I have to say about this unfortunate event. This is prompted by “Inside Higher Ed: “We are as fair as we can bring ourselves to be”” by Jeff Goldstein of protein wisdom, “Inside Higher Ed Mag Whitewashes The Frishenator” by Ace of the Ace of Spades HQ, and “Crossing a Line” by Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed.

1. No matter what anyone may have said to or about her, unless a comment insinuates a threat to her physical security and/or life, nothing can compare to her remarks on protein wisdom.

2. Her comments cannot be explained away or tolerated or justified in any way whatsoever. Anyone who does is an idiot. (And I, for one, will discount anything he/she says.)

3. I am very upset at Frisch and her megalomania.
a. She never went to protein wisdom to debate.
b. She went there with the express goal of insulting and being banned.
c. She threatened the security of a child. (I find it amusing how she admits to threatening Goldstein’s child but backtracks on her french-kissing comment.)
d. She finds her behavior acceptable.
e. Now she’s lying about what she said and accusing Goldstein of manipulating her comments.

4. I hope the only job she finds allows her to live on the bare essentials. I’d rather she be unemployable, but that would mean my tax money would be going to support her.

5. I refuse to become involved in any debate with anyone taking her side to any degree. I really don’t care what they think anyway, and I believe they are beyond reason.

6. Comparing Frisch to Malkin is absolutely reprehensible, and I condemn any such comparison. Malkin has never, directly or indirectly, threatened the life of anyone or of anyone’s child. To even imply there may be any comparability between the two is abominable.

7. One does not have the freedom of speech to threaten another’s child. Any such remark must be treated as if it were the premeditation of a crime until such time as it is unequivocally retracted (which Frisch has yet to do). Uttering any such remark is criminal.

8. I recommend that Jeff consider legal action against Frisch for threatening his child and for libel.

9. This is not about Right versus Left. Indeed, one of Jeff’s leftist friends/debaters has condemned Frisch.

10. Frisch being potentially psychiatrically unstable and ill, the Left and academia do not have to apologize about Frisch; but they must condemn anyone among them who does approve of, justifies, or supports Frisch.

10b. I do not believe Frisch is capable of carrying out any threats against anyone. However, I do also seriously doubt her stability and sanity to the point that I am now under the assumption that she is, indeed, psychiatrically disturbed and in need of medical help. I say this not in hyperbole but as actual belief. As such, I cannot rule out any possibility regarding her actions; and as unstable as she may be, I fear what she may do as people in the real world refuse to see things her way. Considering her stubborn refusal to issue an unequivocal apology or retraction, her goals and intentions remain, officially, somewhat unclear. Unclear goals and intentions + instability = reason for concern. If I am wrong here, please do correct me.

11. Despite the few who are supporting her, to whatever degree, I get the impression that most on the Left and in academia see the issue for what it is. When Frisch posted her apology, she was nevertheless soundly and unanimously condemned by her commenters for her actions that necessitated the apology – and some of those commenters were evidently Leftists. (Once she posted the update to her apology essentially retracting the apology, I mentally added her website to my exclusion list, and so now cannot comment on whether those initial comments exist or what comments are being left now.) (Note: Just because a site is on my exclusion list doesn’t mean my commenters can’t link to it. The exclusion list is my burden, not yours. So, if you want, link away with impunity in your comments here!)

12. I thank everyone I know in the blogosphere – everyone I know has been reasonable and sane during this stunning and shocking episode. I also thank Jeff for his restraint. How like a Jew: restraint in the face of an assault (albeit verbal). (But perhaps he should also learn from the IDF’s other tendency: unflinchingly taking effective action when needed. If legal action needs to be taken, and I think they are warranted until Frisch adequately retracts her remarks and clarifies her intentions and goals, he should not flinch.) In a way, the way many have responded has reaffirmed by faith in humanity. Let’s see how long it lasts. 😉

This may be the last time I blog or comment on this issue. Nothing I have said is likely to change, and I’d rather become worked up on other issues. The exception is if someone says something that clarifies or explains the situation in a way I find unique and helpful.

For more information, please see the following posts:
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by Jeff Goldstein of protein wisdom.

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“Crossing a Line” by Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed.

Plenty of posts on the Ace of Spades HQ, Michelle Malkin, and Hot Air.


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