Let’s make fun of the French

July 10, 2006 at 2:53 am (Amusement, Blogs)

I don’t follow sports, unlike 99.99% of the world, but Italy beating France in the Soccor/Football World Cup is rich fodder for humorous remarks.

Here are two comments to “Heartbreaking Loss For The French” by Ace of the Ace of Spades HQ that I’d like to share.

A professor I had once said that with the sinking of a Greenpeace ship in the early 80s, France had its first naval victory in almost 200 years.

Posted by elpresidente at July 9, 2006 08:32 PM


We sure kicked the shit out of ourselves.

Posted by Napoleon Bonaparte, King of Italy at July 9, 2006 07:01 PM


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  1. Wickedpinto said,

    I HATE greenpeace, but look up the history of “The Rainbow Warrior” which is the sunken ship.

    the french were engaging in an ILLEGAL nuclear test. I HATE greenpeace, but in this case, the gaia fucks were right, and the french were MUCH more oppressive than anything the US has ever done.

    It’s a complex thing, you are talking about a situation of OPEN statements from almost 30 years ago. You can’t blame people protesting OPEN statements.

    That was the last TRULY brave thing that greanpeace did.

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