When Arabs lie: a good thing

July 9, 2006 at 1:47 pm (Islamism, Israel, Middle East, Military, Palestinian Territories)

One lesson I learned from reading Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East by Michael B. Oren and The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter That Transformed the Middle East by Abraham Rabinovich is that when the Arabs lie and exaggerate, it means they’re losing. When they’re truthful and accurate, it means they’re winning.

Accordingly, according to “Hamas: We ‘have defeated the Israeli army'” by JPost.com Staff of The Jerusalem Post, Palestinians are asserting they defeated the Israeli Defense Forces (often abbreviated to “IDF”) as the Israeli armed forces moved out of Beit Lahiya.

Hamas’s military wing, Izzadin al-Kassam announced in a press conference in Beit Lahiya Saturday evening that its fighters “have defeated the Israeli army.”

The identity cards they displayed are assumed to be those accidently left by soldiers during the frantic few days they spent in Beit Lahiya.

The cards were apparently left behind accidentally by the soldiers due to the intense fighting there.

Good news. Very good news. It means they’re losing and we’re (or at least Israel is) winning!


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