The Mad Professor: not over?

July 9, 2006 at 1:54 pm (Blogs)

Looks like the Frisch vs. Goldstein issue may not be over. In a follow-up to her apology, Frisch posts what is a qualifier that essentially nullifies her apology.

She also seems to accuse Jeff Goldstein of potentially manipulating her remarks. This is an idiotic assertion unless there was an well-organized and coordinated campaign to frame her. Various blogs have exact replicas of the post wherein Jeff posted a copy of what she wrote – and this includes not only the original offending posts but additional posts as she made in the comment thread to Jeff’s post. I resent her assertion that Jeff would manipulate anyone’s post. From what I have seen of Jeff, he holds to very honorable standards of blogging. To charge someone with manipulating or modifying posts is a serious charge indeed in the blogosphere.

She says she resigned. Good and well. What I am waiting to see is when her employment will be terminated and what legal consequences may exist because of her comments.

I refuse to see her as a victim. She made remarks that were entirely over the line: this cannot be tolerated. She has the freedom to threaten children; parents have the freedom to protect their children and hinder any such threats. Such threats, even rhetorical or hyperbolical, are unacceptable and untenable. I am glad, however, that most of the Left have condemned Frisch in addition to distancing themselves from her.



  1. Christopher Taylor said,

    Having read her comments as they developed on Protein Wisdom I can assure everyone that this woman is every bit as insane and unbalanced as she’s being portrayed. She’s nuttier than a fruitcake, to use a more polite image than Jeff’s.

    She’s so loopy I’m working up a comment type based on her name.

  2. Muslihoon said,

    Woohoo! Another comment type!

    Thanks for keeping track of all this, Christopher. 🙂

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