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July 5, 2006 at 7:17 pm (Personal, The United States)

Because I have to carry some stuff with me everywhere I go, I have a messenger-bag-like bag I carry with me. A man-bag or whatever. (At least I have a good excuse.) In it I carry one item I cherish dearly: it’s a booklet entitled The U.S. Constitution: And Fascinating Facts About It (which I quoted in this post). In addition to various historical, biographical, and legal trivia, it contains the entire text of the Constitution (with all amendments), the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation. I never get bored reading it: each time I take it out, I learn something new. I just wish they also had a list of presidents with pertinent information (time served, party affiliation, maybe a line about what each is best known for).

America is the only country where citizens carry around a copy of their nation’s constitution. Some politicians do it, and I know I’m not the only civilian who does it. Amazing, isn’t it, how a legal text can be so cherished, inspiring, and respected? America is also the only country where the people are aware of the Constitution and even know quite a lot about it.



  1. Wickedpinto said,

    The US is an irony.

    We are a nation who fought a revolution based on a dignified premise. We owe that foundation to john locke. However, it doesn’t change the passions of the revolutions.

    the UK, england at that time, saw themselves as an all powerful state that couldn’t be challenged.

    We won, on our own efforts, france can think what they please, though in fact, france was preparing for war against england at the time anyways, the US was just a convenient excuse.

    France, after staving off the same conflict that the US fought, easily, cuz the UK/england was half hearted in it’s fighting, so they backed off just like in America.

    Later? France went NUTS! Unlike America, and only one US statesman (jefferson) supported the french revolution, to only appologize later.

    The US? is a Unique situation, no brutality, no oppression, only a conquest based on finance, and filled with the words of voltaire (a hack) and newtonian christianity ( a religious hack) and LOCKE (a FUCKING GENIUS!!!!) We waged war, but once war was completed? it was actually peace.

    France, under napolean, was a new king paradigm, and such.

    We, the US, are a RARE creation, and it TAKES! the TRAINING of the US to educate old nations of the truth of the western world, even the UK AND AU don’t understand FERVENT independance of intellectuals in the name of the people.

    It’s a bitch, thats why I forgive the childish attitude of the peoples of the other nations, because they think WE are the children, though we are in fact the only adults, It’s a bitch.

    I will rant all night, if I continue.


  2. Shanah said,

    The Constitution Center in Philadelphia gives you a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution upon entrance, free of charge.

    That is what liberty is all about.

    In watching the History Channel’s recent “Revolution” series, I couldn’t help but think of how much Israeli citizens could learn about speaking out and challenging the system from colonial American history. Unfortunately, America has become a nation like all others, ignorant of its past. We need to embrace our history in order to survive; this, however, is a very Jewish concept.

  3. Christopher Taylor said,

    I wish more people in the US were more familiar with the constitution, to be honest. It’s fairly short and easy to understand, and yet no High School that I know of even requires its students to READ the document, let alone be familiar with it. That should be a requirement for graduation.

    As far as I can tell, few politicians and fewer judges are even conversant with what the constitution actually says.

  4. Muslihoon said,

    Good points, Wickedpinto!

    Thanks for stopping by, Shanah. I’ve added your blog.

    Good point, Christopher. I think Constitution 101 should be a mandatory class in ever high school and college (with the college course going into more detail).

  5. Michael said,

    A man-bag or whatever.

    It’s called a purse. Face it, you carry a purse.

    We need to embrace our history in order to survive; this, however, is a very Jewish concept.

    I’ve never been to any place where history is more revered than Israel. It is absolutely amazing. Any chunk of ground has at least 3 to 5 thousand years of history that someone can tell you about. Even their darkest hour is embraced, and the victims honored, at Yad Vashem. Visiting the original Holocaust Memorial is an unforgettable experience. Masada is even better.

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