Gun control: is it about weapons or people?

July 4, 2006 at 11:35 pm (Blogs, Israel, The United States, US Government)

Gavriel (the Hebrew original of the name Gabriel) of AbbaGav writes in “Knife Amnesty Over, Look What Happens”:

Seriously, while I’m not personally the type to attend a Dick Cheney birdshot-to-the-face shindig, and the 2nd amendment isn’t really my focus — except when people try to apply it to Hamas — I generally look at the issue of large-scale restrictions on the right to own a weapon as attempts to control the wrong thing. The problem is the people, not the weapon — I say this as an Israeli who safely walks his kids about town often surrounded by enough openly displayed weapons to arm a Hamas funeral, yet no one gets shot. Of course I wouldn’t walk my kids around at a Hamas funeral, but that’s the point: it’s the people, not the weapons.

I think this is a significant point concerning the Second Amendment of the Constitution of The United States and gun-control advocates.



  1. blackflag said,

    I know this may come as a surprise (laff) but I’m a firearms collector. I am licensed for concealed carry and direct purchase.

    Blaming guns for gun related violence is like blaming spoons for making people fat.

    If the Judicial system would enforece the laws we already have and really punish criminals there would be less crime on the streets.

    Remember, an armed and capable populace make good citizens, an unarmed populace make good slaves.

  2. Christopher Taylor said,

    Ultimately this is true about all laws – they only are neccessary when people are not virtuous and trustworthy with their freedom. I believe it was C.S. Lewis who said that the more laws a society has, the more lawless you can be sure it is. And that’s what we face today, the left – having successfully demolished much of public virtue and traditional values – pushes more and more laws on us because without an internal mechanism to control us, we must have an external one.

    That is: religion and morality are what give us a reason to do something other than what is immediately beneficial and pleasing to us alone. Lacking that, all that can be hoped for is to force people to avoid bad things by the point of a gun.

  3. Kath said,

    It seems so simple to me, I’ve never understood the liberal-minded peace-lovin’ crowd. You can’t make people nice (or not insane) by taking things away or giving more things to them.

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