Nuanced: Left or Right?

July 3, 2006 at 6:12 pm (Leftist idiocy, The Left, The Right, The United States)

The crack young staff of The Hatemonger’s Quarterly says in “Joseph Hughes: The John Hughes of the “Weblogosphere””

We, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” are oft told that those of the political Left are more capable of nuanced thought than their opponents. Whereas, apparently, right-wingers are a bunch of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals uninterested in examining matters beyond the black and white, leftists revel in more sophisticated political analysis.

This makes me laugh. On the Right, there are often raging debates precisely because of the nuanced character of many issues. We’re not goose-stepping in unison on any issue, really. Even if we support an issue, the specifics are always debated and discussed. I do not reject the fact that there are monolithic elments in the Right. They exist. But to characterize the Right as unable to appreciate nuances is somewhat false.

On the other hand, some elements of the Left seem to be more monolithic. There is sometimes little room on how one ought to approach and implement policies regarding race, minorities, welfare, and war. Those who stray from the Party line are belittled if not expelled. The whole Kosola issue and how it revealed the tendency of some Leftists to banish “apostates” is quite alarming. As a Rightist, I do not agree with The New Republic‘s stand on many issues. For Kos to then go out and declare them to be essentially an apostate and a traitor makes one wonder which flank of the political spectrum is more appreciative of nuance. How can The New Republic be part of the neo-conservative cabal if I can’t find much to agree on with them? As a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, I must admit I have never seen The New Republic‘s name on our “friendly media” list. Indeed, it is often on our “Leftist media” list. They are not our friends.

As one who belongs to a minority ethnicity, my chances in the Left are dim because of many views I hold, even in regards to race policies. I can be quite vicious in my critique of minorities trying to take advantage of the fact that one belongs to a minority. Such criticism is anathema according to the Left. Solidarity and unity are called for – those who disagree are reviled, abused, maligned, and practically persecuted in the political arena.

I have always appreciated the nuanced views I read on Rightist blogs and papers. There’s always someone who will bring up a different perspective or point, and it will be discussed. Not everyone will agree, of course, but we don’t necessarily have to.

I recommend reading the rest of The Hatemonger’s Quarterly‘s post. I read The Hatemonger’s Quarterly regularly every day (except for Saturday: note that The Hatemonger’s Quarterly posts on Wizbang! on Sunday rather than on their usual blog).


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  1. David Drake said,

    It IS interesting, to say the least, that the Left can accuse the Right of not being nuanced enough, on a laundry list of items, and then turn and eat their own on someone like Joe Lieberman because he’s too nuanced – I guess – having the audacity to not agree with the Liberal Politburo and (GASP) even agree with Conservatives on some issues!

    While liberals will “love” a John McCain, because of his “nuances”, they will cannabalize one of their own.

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