Vlad the Russian: Kill the terrorists

July 1, 2006 at 11:01 pm (Iraq, Russia)

The President of Russia, Vladimir V. Putin, has ordered the Russian FSB (Russian: “Federal’naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti”; English: “Federal Security Service”), Russia’s version of the Soviet KGB, to hunt down and kill the terrorists who recently killed Russian diplomats in Iraq.

Link thanks to Dymphna of Gates of Vienna, in her post “Don’t Mess Around With Vlad”. BBC’s article carries an excellent picture of President Putin, which Dymphna points out:
Vlad the Russian

Seems eerily similar to Israel’s Operation Wrath of God/Operation Bayonet, when Mossad hunted down and killed the Palestinian terrorists who killed the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics at Munich (in what was then West Germany).

This is a tactic that, although violent and vengeful, is good in establishing a deterrent to terrorist acts against one’s civilians. We should adopt such a stance as well.



  1. Purple Avenger said,

    Just because it ain’t the USSR anymore doesn’t mean they’ve gone Kerry/wuss or anything like that.

    You would think the terrorists might have realized this.

  2. AbbaGav said,

    I agree, fully aware that checks and balances have to be put in place because there is a slippery slope out there somewhere in the dark and it’s easy to wander off and slide down it if it isn’t well fenced off. But all of the Wests understanding and empathy isn’t discouraging any brutality. (And I’m all for understanding and empathy, when it will do some good).

    That is indeed a very disquieting picture, in a subtle yet obvious way. It makes me glad I’ve never sawed someone’s head off at the neck.

  3. Icepick the Mad said,

    As with most organizations, the Russian FSB probably retain a significant number of the old guards and seasoned operators from the KGB. Makes more sense than to start from nothing. If that is the case, the terrorist pukes may need to look behind them more often than usual. They’ll realize soon enough that hearing a Russian accent is a bad thing.

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