On Israel II

June 28, 2006 at 12:33 am (Islamism, Israel, Middle East, Palestinian Territories)

Israel has begun limited maneuvers against the Gaza Strip. Predictably, the Gaza Palestinians prepared by mining roads and placing other explosive devices. No one should be fooled into thinking these Arabs are peaceable people. If I remember correctly, Israel is attacking using the Air Force. (Israel has maintained control of the Gaza Strip’s airspace and waterspace – which is necessary to strike targets (airspace) and prevent the smuggling of weapons (waterspace) or other elements of support by enablers of Palestinian terrorism.)

I have no patience whatsoever with militant Palestinians. At some point, Israel will have to move into the Gaza Strip if only to eradicate the infrastructure that supports the continued shelling of Sderot. It seems to me that Israelis have more patience with these troublesome Palestinians, for which they (Israelis) should be commended.

Ideally, the Gaza Strip would be disarmed by the Palestinians, but that would never happen. The Palestinian National Authority is run by gangs and thugs – terrorists all of them. I am constrained by realities to recognize them as the Palestinians’ de facto government, although I abhor them and their violent ways.

It should be noted that Egypt is not very fond of the Palestinians. They have moved troops to its border with the Gaza Strip to prevent people from fleeing into Egypt. I would go so far as to say that relations between Israel and Egypt are far, far better than relations between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Frankly, I’d like to see Egypt reoccupy the Gaza Strip. (Egypt occupied the Gaza Strip until Israel seized it in the 1967 Seven-Days War.) Better Gaza in the hands of Egypt than in the hands of Palestinians.


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