Gay pride goeth before destruction…

June 25, 2006 at 9:51 pm (Homosexuality, Uncategorized)

Gay “[p]ride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). This post has been prompted by this post at the Ace of Spades HQ.

In most large (and perhaps even not-so-large) cities in The United States in summer/spring, there’s a “Gay Pride Parade.” Homosexuals of a variety of sexual fetishes dress up and march down streets, displaying their preferences to all who may pass by.

This season is almost as contentious among homosexuals as Marching Season in Northern Ireland is between Protestants and Catholics. Debates, arguments, and heated, vicious exchanges abound throughout the so-called gay community on whether these parades are a good idea or not. On the one hand, supporters of the parade say this is a celebration of what makes homosexuals unique, a celebration of their sexuality, a celebration of their diversity. Politics also play a role: it matters which politicians or political authorities sponsor, march in, and oppose the parades. This gives homosexuals a good guideline which politicians to support, which to pressure, and which to staunchly oppose. (As if one issue ought to matter.) On the other hand, opponents to the parade say that these unwelcome lascivious demonstrations of sexuality do nothing but entrench the sexualization of the gay community, reinforce negative stereotypes about homosexuals (which hinders society’s acceptance and tolerance of homosexuals), and serve no purpose but to give people an excuse to engage in debauchery. Which, evidently, they do anyway, parade or no.

I have my own opinions about these parades, but supporters of these parades would do well to remember that by setting themselves so apart from their counterparts (heterosexuals) they only undermine their goals of being tolerated and accepted. Non-homosexuals will feel no reason to tolerate or accept anyone who behaves in such a fashion, nor should they be expected to. If a person wants an aspect of himself to be tolerated and/or accepted, he will behave himself responsibly accordingly. By such irresponsible, not to mention uncivil and immoral, behavior, homosexuals who participate in such parades only prove they don’t deserve society’s acceptance yet. For years homosexuals have been saying that they are no different from heterosexuals, and yet every year they insist on disproving their point. They also say that what they do in their bedroom should be no one’s business. This can be granted them. Why, then are they marching down the streets? That doesn’t look very private to me.

What they say and what they do are sometimes so different. It is no wonder that people misunderstand what sort of people homosexuals really are. Not all are depraved exhibitionists: but these people should not hijack the issue.

Pride, meaning confidence in oneself according to one’s abilities, is a good thing. But pride for pride’s sake is a dangerous and disastrous thing. This “gay pride” is manifestly wrong. Homosexuals need to get that straight in their mind (no pun intended). One has no reason to be proud of one’s sexual preferences. It’s not an accomplishment, it’s neither an asset nor a liability: it’s simply one factor among many that make up someone’s personality. To take pride in it, in desire to celebrate it, and to flaunt it are all very wrong ways of dealing with one’s sexuality.



  1. John (AGJ) said,

    Good post. Hence why I eschew these ridiculous parades and most of what pop culture says being gay is supposedly all about.

  2. Muslihoon said,

    Thanks for stopping by, John! Your comment on this post means a lot.

  3. Kath said,

    Nicely said. I thought very much the same thing after I saw David Letterman grill Mary Cheney on Late Night not too long ago. Letterman kept bringing up questions about how she didn’t do anything for lesbians during her campaign work with her father last election. Basically, how she’s a bad gay person and quite possibly a traitor to her sexual orientation.

    Of course, Ms. Cheney handled it brilliantly saying over and over again (and I paraphrase) how that election was NOT a one issue election, and national security was more important to her.

  4. Muslihoon said,

    Thanks for your comment, Kath! I really like how Mary Cheney handles herself and the media. Vice President Cheney must be so very proud. I’m going to have to ger her book.

    I think I remember her telling one reporter that her father is not how people portray him. He’s not Darth Vader.

    Kudos to her for recognizing what matters.

  5. Christopher Taylor said,

    I think homosexual behavior is immoral and wrong, but then I think adultery and promiscuity is wrong and immoral as well. The difference is, there’s no adulterer’s pride parade and no sluts and manwhores parade. There’s no Goat Lovers parade either. I am baffled by the point and intent behind these things, nothing constructive can come from them.

  6. Wickedpinto said,

    I have no problem with Homo-sexuality, because, they aren’t fucking me. As long as homo-sexuals are only fucking people that wanna be fucked by people of the same gender, I have no problem.

    Even without thinking that homo-sexuality is immoral, (which I don’t, I think it is unusual, but not immoral) I have a problem with these demonstrations because I’m told that homo-sexuals are born homo-sexual. I could, maybe accept that, but.

    I was born white. No White Pride Parades, treated as great civil liberties demonstrations, rather they are travesties, dirty second hand affects of the first ammendment, and truth is, I think that being proud of being “white” is fucking retarded.

    I was born with a near even split of Italian, and German heritage (with a little bit of unidentifiable mutt mixed in) and while there is an italian pride parade, the german heritage parade, isn’t about geneology (in my area) but rather about the influence of german culture on the nation. (country fried steak/wienerschnittzel, and great beer) The German parade just likes beer and good greesy food. While the Italian pride parade wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the erasure of Columbus Day.

    I’m tall, about 6’2″ I would find a “tall man parade” offensive, because I actually was born tall, I wasn’t born heterosexual, or italian, or german, I’m american, but I’m still tall, do I get a special day, to demonstrate the power of tall people?

    I’m relatively powerful, being a man, being 6’2″ tall, and weighing about 215lb’s? I’m not as fit as when I was a Marine, but I’m still in pretty good shape, do I get a “Big Strong Man Parade?”

    I will whip my cock out in public for the price of a drink at last call! Do I get a parade for that? It takes “courage” to whip your cock out for the price of a single drink (I drink decent scotch at bars, so it’s not THAT cheap, about 10 bucks, but I prefer doubles) do I get a parade for that?

    How many idiotic pride parades based on the things that we are supposedly unable to control do we need?

    I wish people would stop being fucking PROUD! and start being VALID!

  7. Christopher Taylor said,

    I just wish you’d stop waving that thing around!

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