A discovery: Tablighi Jamaat

June 21, 2006 at 3:04 am (Islam, Islamism, Personal, The United States)

“Tablighi Jamaat” (the Urdu version of what would be in Arabic “aj-jamaa’at at-tableeghee”) is a Pakistani organization that exists to spread “true Islam” among Muslims. They can be considered fundamentalist Islamists (although they are not militant as far as I know). One might consider them Islam’s version of Judaism’s Chabad Lubavitch. Some time ago, I was having fun with Google Earth and I found one person had a list of mosques he had prayed at in and near a Large US City (near which I live). There’s a mosque I know of in the Large US City called “Jamia Masjid,” which is in the Pakistani and Indian commercial area of the Large US City. The person said Jamia Masjid was “tablighi,” meaning run by, used by, or associated with Tablighi Jamaat. I had no idea Tablighi Jamaat had an international presence, although this does not surprise me, so imagine my curiosity when I read one person’s assertion of Tablighi activity near where I live.

Well, I’ve confirmed it. There’s a website where Muslims may send in questions and the website’s board of Islamic experts will put up an answer. What makes this site unique is that unlike other similar websites, the answers are in audio form and mostly in Urdu. Furthermore, listening to some answers to questions asked about Tablighi Jamaat, there is no doubt whatsoever that the website is by members of Tablighi Jamaat. A variety of its experts are associated with Jamia Masjid in the Large US City. I also found that they have classes on Islamic subjects. Additionally, they run a shariah board.

I’m pretty happy with this discovery. Shows a bit about the network of Islamist organizations in this Large US City.

Now I have to decide whether I want to infiltrate it or not. Doing so would require a change in appearance and grooming habits, not to mention having to pretend to be devoutly Muslim. They take adherence to Islam very seriously.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.



  1. Michael said,

    Musli goes undercover. Cool. I say go for it. Think of all the great material you’d get to post about it.

    I might try this myself. I think I’ll go infiltrate skinbad’s ward. I want to check out the rumor that Mormons have secret orgies in the basement on Thursday night.

  2. elzbth said,

    It’s Wednesday night.

  3. Writers Creek said,

    “I had no idea Tablighi Jamaat had an international presence,”

    Seriously…? That almost sounds like a joke because first of all tablighi jamaat is not a ‘pakistani’ organisation. Jamats travel all around the world. A good example would be France, where roughly around 1000 people accept Islam every year. in England, many of the masaajid and madaris have the ‘tablighi’ association. Same with USA, South Africa and Canada.

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