Withdrawing from New Orleans

June 19, 2006 at 9:50 pm (Amusement, Iraq, The Left)

To the news of people being gunned down in New Orleans, The Daily Gut responds (in this post):

The situation in New Orleans can only be described as dire. Or perhaps, extremely dire. In my humble opinion, we are witnessing nothing less than an increasing spiral of violence…and I am beginning to think that maybe it is about time the US pulled out.

I mean, what is left to do in that city? What are we still doing over there? Drinking fruity rum drinks and flashing our breasts? We have put the regime back in place. It is clear that the people do not want us there. This is no longer a rescue mission – it is simply a war of occupation, and the US is the occupier. And the people of New Orleans clearly are the occupied. And I am sure they have had enough. What makes this even worse, are these different groups with their militias. They make the streets a bloody warzone, and it is our troops that are being caught in the crossfire.
We need to get out. But then again, we do not want to leave chaos behind either. We need to establish a timetable – something reasonable, though. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am going to make myself a sandwich. When I return, there better be answers.

Who says people on the Right can’t be funny? Who says mocking the Left can’t be therapeutic?


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