Why war is a necessity

June 13, 2006 at 10:35 pm (History, Iraq, Islamism, Middle East, Military, The Left, The Media, The United States)

An excellent article on the Left and their anti-war propaganda. The article is by Investor’s Business Daily. (I found it via this post by Tim Blair.) If anything can summarize this entire issue, it would be the first paragraph of this article:

Those who equate Haditha with My Lai, and Iraq with Vietnam, would do well to remember the last time we gave peace a chance. For millions of innocents, it was the peace of the grave.

People complain that war does nothing good. Please moan how destructive war is. But then people need to be reminded how important and crucial war is. The nature of humanity–and humanity is still to some degree mired in violence or, at least, a tendency to violence–remains the same, which means that armed conflict is an inevitability. Rather than hinder it or uselessly protest against it, we should hone our principles, technology, and methods to make war come to a suitable conclusion swiftly, decisively, and smartly and the least damage and casualties.

No one likes war. But we must fight nonetheless. This fact must first be embraced before the ravages of war can be appropriately dealt with in a manner most suiting the most advanced civilization the world has known. To be civilized does not mean we become pacifist: it means we productively and deliberately staunch and/or channel our society’s tendencies to violence.

In other words, worldwide peace is not only difficult, it is impossible for now. In addition, not fighting is not bravery, courage, resolution, or the evidence of principles or civilization or refinement; it is cowardice, irresponsibility, spinelessness, and weakness. Those who shirk from using force are scared of force or ignorant on how to use it. A responsible power will use force when and where needed. But a reponsible power always remembers that force will have to be used in some way at all times, or else it will fall under the waves of violence and destruction unleashed by barbarians at its borders (and, novel to our world, within its borders as well).

To suggest otherwise, I suggest, would be to deny reality. Our opponents are free to deny reality, but we must never do that because facts will not see who believes in them and who doesn’t. A lethal fact will remain lethal.

innaa naHnu-l-a’lam.



  1. rachy said,

    This is a fantastic site you have here, I found it because you linked a joke that I published. I have linked you and will definitely be back. Rachy

  2. Brent said,

    Excellent post. You are now blogrolled, my friend.

    I totally agree with everything you said here. Nobody in their right mind likes or wants war. However, refusing to fight wars, only empowers our enemies by showing weakness, and also allowing them to advance evil.

    I truly like your post. I couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s pretty obvious to me that you and I are like-minded.

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