Civil War in Palestinian Territories

June 13, 2006 at 12:28 am (Iraq, Islamism, Middle East, News, Palestinian Territories, The Media)

According to Yahoo! News, members of Fatah went on a violent rampage in protest of an attack in the Gaza Strip on Fatah by Hamas.

Remember that Hamas is the new government, Fatah (which is a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization) was the old government. While the Prime Minister is a man from Hamas, the President is a man from Fatah.

Why aren’t the media crying about the civil war in the Palestinian territories? When Sunnis and Shiites were at each other in Iraq, the media were in a frenzy of acrimonous accusations against The Government, accusing it of being involved in such a doomed affair. But no similar sentiment of outrage and condescending concern emerges from the media with regard to the Palestinians’ civil war, a civil war which has been raging (with its own ebbs and tides) ever since the Palestinians elected their new government. Unlike the sectarian clashes in Iraq, the inter-factional rivalry in the Palestinian territories is a veritable civil war. Is an Iraqi civil war somehow more important, more disturbing, more alarming than a Palestinian civil war?

It disturbs me that the situation in Iraq is, indeed, very much better than the situation in the Palestinian territories, yet by reading the news one might get the impression that the opposite is true. I am sure there are other reasons why the media are not reporting this.

One reasons concerns me the most. If the media focus on the Palestinian territories on any issue, giving both sides of the story, the media will be inundated by the complaints and accusations of offended Arabs and Muslims, who will no doubt accuse the media of being part of a Zionist anti-Palestinian campaign. When it comes to reporting on Muslims and Arabs, the only news tolerated is that which supports the Muslim and Arab communities’ agendas.

Update: Corrected the name of “Fatah.” The organization does not use the article “al” in its name. My bad.


  1. Wickedpinto said,

    I think there was an American Palestinian some time ago, who was speaking out, I think this dates back to my Marine Corps days, some 8 or so years ago, and he wasn’t speaking out against the US support of Israel, he was speaking out against the US support of Saudi Arabia.

    I think he said something along the lines of “Islam hates the US, Islam hates the jews, Islam hates the palestinians. To use palestine as an argument, is to make their life better for themselves” I think he also in the same interview (being an American “palestinian”) said “Palestinians are the Niggars of Islam.”

    The only reason that the “palestinian” discussion is so prominent is that it was Carter who initiated the IDIOTIC policy of pacifying a terrorist, and forcing a peace that never was on the peaceful, yet protectively defensive nation of Israel. Since it was a Dem? who did evil? it’s good, if a ‘Pub (as in Iraq) does it? it’s bad.

    After all, in the last couple of days, there have been reports about “foreign policy failures” in Moga-Fucking-Dishu? That was a DEM failure, but since Bush the first went in first, as a humanitarian food convoy, it is being laid at both bushes feet, ignoring the incompetance of Clinton.


    This is all bullshit (pardon the fact that I am so free with my language here Mus, let me know if it offends you, I will alter it accordingly)

  2. Muslihoon said,

    Excellent comment!

    No need to attach a disclaimer. I appreciate very much what you have to say and how you say it. On this blog, anyone can say whatever they want however they want, as long as it is of use.

    Being a Republican is a win-lose situation: the Dems win because they blame everything on us, we lose because people forget the Dems started most of our problems.

  3. Wickedpinto said,

    To use palestine as an argument, is to make their life better for themselves”
    should be “… themselves, NOT the palestinians.”
    Sorry bout that.

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