Jordanians Protest Pro-az-Zarqawi Politicians

June 12, 2006 at 5:39 pm (Iraq, Islam, Islamism, Middle East, News)

This news from Gateway Pundit: in Jordan, four members of Parliament paid condolences to the family of az-Zarqawi, making statements in his favor and against his victims.

The result? Massive protests against the four men.

Az-Zarqawi made two major mistakes: carrying out the attack against the hotels in Amman, Jordan, and making statements against the King. The first robbed him of support from many, many Muslims throughout the world (especially in Jordan) and the second set Jordan’s government (and all its apparatus) against him and his followers. Jordanian intelligence was crucial to the magnificent victory against az-Zarqawi a few days ago.

I remembered that many Muslim openly criticized az-Zarqawi after that attack. If I remember correctly, even al-Qaa’idah voiced concerns over az-Zarqawi’s tactics.

It is good to see Muslims protesting against terrorism. If only this resolve would spread to other Muslim areas.


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