An enlightening and informative post on the Haditha issue

June 11, 2006 at 6:39 pm (Iraq, Middle East, News, The Left, The Media)

I still maintain my official policy of not rendering any judgment or opinion on the incident at Haditha until the investigation comes to an end and the results are released.

I invite my readers to read through this enlightening and informative post by Jeff Goldstein of protein wisdom. It discusses a variety of issues including official reports by Marines who were involved, issues about rushing to judgment, explaining apparent discrepancies, and so on.

Dr. Goldstein is also so wise as to say:

I have yet to comment much on the Haditha “massacre,” because so far, there isn’t proof that what took place in Haditha was a massacre, and with investigations ongoing, it seems prudent to hold off on passing judgment.

Again, please do read his post.


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