It Is No Longer About Usama bin Ladin

June 9, 2006 at 1:53 am (Afghanistan, Iraq, The Left)

We are getting very annoyed by those who are calling for The United States' Armed Forces to expend all energy necessary to take out Usama bin Ladin. Often these people accuse The Government of running after secondary interests (such as Iraq, oil, imperialist expansionism) at the expense of getting Usama bin Ladin. After all, they claim, Usama attacked The United States, not Saddam.

Very well. We will grant them that insofar as direct attacks go, Usama bin Ladin has attacked The United States, which neither Saddam Hussayn nor az-Zarqawi did. Nevertheless, this is to miss the forest for the trees. The War on Terrorism is not the War Against al-Qaa'idah or the War Against Usama or the War of the Afghani Caves. It is the War on Terrorism. With the successful ousting of the Taliban-cum-al-Qaa'idah regime of Afghanistan and the establishment of some semblance of democracy, Usama and his ilk in that region have become obsolete.

It cannot be denied that the Taliban is experiencing a resurgence. We place part of the blame on the complexity of striking and eradicating elements of the Taliban in Pakistan, from where the Taliban is able to regroup and relaunch its campaigns across the border in Afghanistan. But Usama certainly is not behind these campaigns or this resurgence. Usama is too busy hiding.

People also seem to think it's simply a matter of locating Usama and taking him out (or apprehending him, as targeted assassinations tend to rub people the wrong way). These people fail to realize just how difficult it is. It took The United States' Armed Forces years to take out az-Zarqawi, and he had far more enemies than Usama and lived in non-mountaneous regions. If it took The United States and Iraq this long to take out az-Zarqawi, it will be extremely difficult to take out Usama.

However, difficulty aside, Usama is irrelevant now. Yes, he was the leader of an international network of terror. But he commands nothing now. His influence is restricted to what tapes and videos he can make and disseminate. His infrastructure has been eradicated. Every other month The United States takes out his number-two man.

Frankly, if The United States were expending many resources in trying to take Usama out, We would have to strongly object. Taking Usama out now will do nothing. It will be a symbolic victory. Practically, it would do nothing. His network of organizations was loose and made up of autonomous entities anyway. The terrorist networks don't need him. Indeed, for them Usama would likely be a liability. Today's campaigns call for localized action with minimal resources. Usama was good for large coordinated campaigns, which now cannot be launched.

Compared to Usama, Saddam (before being captured) and az-Zarqawi (before being killed) were major active threats to the interests of The United States. Terrorist entities used them to carry out their activities. It was therefore of the utmost importance that they be dealt with. And they were. Saddam is now under trial (and will be found guilty: there are plenty of cases to be launched against him if the current one doesn'tgo against him) and az-Zarqawi is now being tormented by a 72-year-old virgin in Hell.

The United States did not go into Afghanistan to exterminate al-Qaa'idah and/or the Taloban, to execute Usama. They went in to topple a terrorist regime and replace it with a democratic regime. They went in to neutralize or emasculate al-Qaa'idah and the Taliban, which they have done. These organizations can hardly survive let alone launch sophistocated attacks.

We fear that people calling for imminent destruction of Usama bin Ladin do not properly understand the nature of the War on Terrorism, particularly the way the Enemy works. Even if Usama were to be taken out, the War on Terrorism would still have to continue. Palestine, Syria, and Chechnya are still rife with terrorist entities (not to mention Indonesia, Australia, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and probably other states as well). Terrorist entities continue to plot horrid plans in the West. Why, just recently Canadian Muslims were arrested for plotting horrid attacks on and in Canada. This surely should make the people realize the nebulous and almost omnipresent nature of the Enemy and its operatives.

No. It is no longer about Usama bin Ladin. Whoever and whatever threatens The United States, that they should go after. Forget Usama. Some day, he will be dealt with, even if he is alive. But as he no longer poses a threat, thanks to the wonderful work of The Armed Forces of The United States, he should no longer be a priority.



  1. Christine said,

    Your statement regarding a lack of knowledge is absolutely correct. If only more people would do a minimum of self-education, they just might grasp the whole picture. But no, so many people continue to look at these problems from the perspective of crime. And because of this, they still believe taking OBL out of the picture is the solution. Alas, we know that is not true. Ignorance is definitely not bliss with regards to the world today.

    By the way, love your 72 year old virgin analogy.

    Thank you Muslihoon.

  2. Muslihoon said,

    Very well said, Christine. Thanks for stopping by!

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