Three Sources of Information You Should Know About

May 25, 2006 at 2:22 pm (Uncategorized)

There are a few sources of information by way of podcast that We would recommend to everyone. Some of them are daily; one of them is weekly.

First: The podcast of The President’s weekly radio address. We listen to this every Monday. Most of the time what The President has to say is good, insightful, and helpful.

Second: Daily podcasts from The Pentagon Channel. They provide news on the military’s various activities within The United States and outside of them. They also provide perspective and, every now and then, good news on their activities. The three that We download regularly, accompanied by a description from The Pentagon Channel‘s website (from their podcasts page), are:

1. American Forces Press Services audio podcast: “Daily Update from the American Forces Press Service.”

2. ATS (Around the Services) In Brief audio podcast: “From the Pentagon Channel NewsCenter – A 5-minute version of Around The Services reduced in size for headline updates.”

3. Rucksacks and Rations: “A weekly audio program from the Pentagon Channel featuring stories and interviews about our service members stationed around the globe. From Afghanistan and Iraq to hometowns throughout the United States, Rucksacks and Rations brings you closer to troops downrange and families at home.”

Third: The Stratfor daily podcast by Stratfor. Stratfor deals with geopolitics, security, and public policy (according to their homepage). According to Strafor’s website’s podcast page, the podcasts are:

Audio Intelligence Briefs to Keep You Informed, Prepared, Ahead of the Game

Designed for the decision-maker on the go, each daily podcast will review the most significant events around the world, helping you to:

  • Make sense of world events and understand their implications
  • Get beyond the noise of regular media coverage with timely intelligence and focused analysis on the issues of real geopolitical, economic or security relevance
  • Save time and keep ahead of the headlines – and your competition

These are three very useful resources of information. At the very least they provide alternative perspectives to what one may be reading in the media, especially considering The Media is not so fond of printing what The Government actually says, relying instead on interpreting what The Government has said.

innaa naHnu-l-a’lam.


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