Under Surveillance

May 12, 2006 at 4:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Regarding the whole NSA eavesdropping issue, let Us say a few words (despite the fact that We debate whether We should say anything or not).

We have first-hand experience with being under surveillance. For a number of reasons, which We will not discuss publicly or privately (because We should not), the house which We live in with Our parents and siblings has had its telephone and internet activity under surveillance for some time now. How and what extent, We do not know nor do We care to know. We are cognizant of being monitored, but this has not affected anyone’s telephone or internet activity. No one is concerned because no one is doing anything wrong or immoral let alone illegal.

Everyone in the house is okay with being under surveillance. It is no big deal.

Even if the circumstances of the above situation did not exist, We would suppose We would be under surveillance because of Our browing habits. Ever so often, We go to militant Islamic websites to download propaganda to see what they are saying. Of course, such activity ought to raise some alarms and such activity should be monitored. We are not using or disseminating this information at all, let alone in a manner that harms The United States, so We have nothing to fear.

When Leftists (and others, We suppose) then speak up against such eavesdropping programs, We feel quite displeased. These people are not under surveillance and yet they oppose these programs; We are under surveillance and We do not mind at all. Why are they making so much noise and commotion? How can they suppose they can speak for those who are under surveillance? It does not concern these politicians or activists. If any of them are under surveillance, then it’s for a good reason. We refuse to accept any arguments that suggest such monitoring activity erodes or violates one’s rights, is unnecessary, or is otherwise untenable.

A joke someone told Our father: someone told him that he feels sorry for anyone monitoring the telephone conversation of a Pakistani woman. All they would be able to transcribe would be:
Hello! (salaam walekum; South Asians mispronounce this Arabic greeting)
Yes. (jee)
Really. (achcha)
Okay. (Theek hai)
We’ll speak again. (Phir baat ho ga)
Good bye! (khuda hafiz)

Hearing Our mother speak on the phone, he has a very good point indeed.

We feel quite sorry for Government employees who are busy writing down Our mother’s recipe for pasande as they transcribe her latest conversation. (To them: please note that she makes her own masala and it’s very good indeed, but if you can get Shan’s masala it would make cooking the dish much easier. We apologize if she did not mention this in her last discussion.)

innaa naHnu-l-a’lam.



  1. Subsunk said,

    Thanks for putting up with the surveillance, and for being such a good example Muslihoon. It is worth the surveillance to have you here, and your input on all things Muslim to us non-Muslims. You definitely have your head on straight son.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Michael said,

    I’m sure you’ve noticed that we post recipes at Innocent Bystanders. Just sayin’. Send me one by email and I’ll put it on the main page.

  3. Christine said,

    I really like your attitude about this. Especially since you are being monitored.

    I am willing to give up my privacy (boring of course) in order to help protect me from terrorists.

    Thanks Muslihoon.

  4. Muslihoon said,

    Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them very much.

    I’ll get the recipe from Mom and email it you, Michael. 🙂

  5. Vinnie said,

    You’re under surveillance?

    It’s the Jooooooooozzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

  6. Vinnie said,

    Wait a minnit. If you’re being watched, then I’m being watched.

    No wonder all of those NSA.gov IP’s are showing up in my stats.



  7. Christopher Taylor said,

    Dang now I want to taste your mom’s cooking

  8. Muslihoon said,

    Hah, Vinnie! 🙂 Thanks for the laugh.

    Christopher: My mother’s cooking is excellent, although I am biased. But pasande, which is sort of like roast beef, I guess, in a nice curry, is my favorite dish. I eat it with rice only, which is strange considering most things are eaten with other dishes: usually rice or bread with a meat dish, a lentil dish, and a vegetable dish.

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