Women, According to Muhammad and Dawat-e Islami

April 24, 2006 at 11:12 pm (Uncategorized)

We are sure you will enjoy this small paragraph from a pamphlet by an organization called Dawat-e Islami (Urdu: daawat-e islaamee, Urdu version of the Arabic ad-da’watu-l-islaamee / ad-da’wah al-islaamee).

The reason women are often of Hell*.

Muhammad (may God bless and grant peace to him and his people) once passed by some women while going to the place for Eid prayers one Eid day, and he said: “O women! Make sacrifices** because I have often beheld you as of Hell.” The women stated: “O Prophet of Almighty God (may God bless and grant peace to him and his people)! Why is this?” He stated, “Because you curse a lot and are ungrateful.” (Sahih Bukhari no. 304, volume 1, book 90.)

Shahzada-e Attar Haji Ahmad Raza Qadri Rizvi, Ihtiram-e Muslim. Karachi, Pakistan: Maktabah al-Madinah, n.d., p. 16 (parenthetical in the original).

*”of Hell” – literally, “jahannamee,” of or pertaining to jahannam (Hell).

**”Make sacrifices” – literally, in Urdu, “sadqah karo,” meaning, “do Sadaqah,” which refers to financial sacrifices as well as expiatory or more superstitious sacrifices of animals to thank God or avert His wrath.

Note: The author is the son of the founder and leader of the organization, which claims to be a Sufi order. The founder/leader is called: ameer-e ahlesunnat [Leader of the People of the Sunnah, or Leader of the Sunnis] aboo bilaal [father of Bilal, probably his firstborn son] hazrat [“his presence,” a title of deep respect and reverence] allaamah [learned one] mawlaanaa [our lord] muhammad ilyaas attaar qaadree rizvee; his name is, simply, Muhammad Attar Qadri Rizvi (muhammad attaar qaadree rizvee). The blessing after his name is: daamat barkaahum aloliyah. All together: ameer-e ahlesunnat aboo bilaal hazrat allaamah mawlaanaa muhammad ilyaas attaar qaadree rizvee, daamat barkaahum aloliyah. And We thought the Pope had a long title.

Is not Islam so entertaining? So enlightening?

inna naHnu-l-a’lam.



  1. laura said,

    Well thanks Muslihoon, but it is no great revelation that Mo wasn’t really into the ladies, ifyouknowhatimeanandithinkyoudo.

  2. Christopher Taylor said,

    I dunno hell… but they do curse alot and are ungrateful, that’s true.

  3. Iblis said,

    So was it just these women Mo was chastising, or all women in particular?

  4. Muslihoon said,

    All women, Iblis.

  5. Anti Khabise said,

    The Veil in Christianity

    A common misconception is that Muslim women are the only ones who cover their hair. It may be true that Islam is the only religion in which most women follow its directives to cover the hair, but it is not the only religion to have such directives.

    It is particularly interesting to look at the case of Christianity, since Christianity is the predominant religion in the West, and it is Westerners, including observant Christians, who are often the first to criticize Islam because of the hijab (modest dress, including head covering).

    Is Covering the Hair a Religious Commandment for Christian Women?

    There can be only one answer to this: yes, it is! Simply open the Bible to the First Epistle to the Corinthians, chapter 11. Read verses 3-10.

    But I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ and the head of the woman is the man, and the head of Christ is God. Every man praying or prophesying with his head covered, disgraces his head. But every woman praying or prophesying with her head uncovered disgraces her head, for it is the same as if she were shaven. For if a woman is not covered, let her be shaven. But if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, let her cover her head. A man indeed ought not to cover his head, because he is the image and glory of God. But woman is the glory of man. For man was not created for woman, but woman for man. This is why the woman ought to have a sign of authority over her head, because of the angels.

    The meaning of this passage is plain enough. We can make the following syllogisms:

    Syllogism 1

    Praying with an uncovered head is a disgrace

    Having a shaved head is the same as praying with an uncovered head

    Therefore, having a shaved head is a disgrace

    Syllogism 2

    If it is a disgrace for a woman to have a shaved head, she should cover her head

    It is a disgrace for a woman to have a shaved head – see syllogism 1

    Therefore, a woman should cover her head

    In other words, the passage means what it says. Have you ever wondered why Catholic nuns dress like they’re wearing hijab (Muslim hijabi women, have you ever been mistaken for a nun? I have, more than once). Have you ever wondered why Mary the mother of Jesus (peace be upon them both) is always depicted in Christian art with her hair covered? Did you know that until the 1960s, it was obligatory for Catholic women to cover their heads in church (then they “modernized” the service)?

    There are some interesting points that can be made about the Christian directive.

    1) The explicit purpose of the Christian woman’s head covering, as stated by Paul, is that it is a sign of man’s authority over woman. The explicit purpose of Islamic hijab is modesty. Strange how so many Westerners think that the purpose of hijab is a symbol of male authority. Maybe they know that that’s what it is in their own religion (Christianity) so they assume that Islam must be the same…!

    2) The Christian woman is to cover her head whenever she is praying, whether it be at the church service or just personal prayer at home. This may mean that if she is not praying at home, she is uncovered around male guests who are not related to her; or if she is praying at home, that she is covered around her own husband and family. If any more proof were needed than Paul’s own words that the Christian head covering is not about modesty, this must certainly be it!

    This puts hijab in a whole new perspective, doesn’t it! To my non-hijabi Muslim sister who feels that hijab is a sign of oppression for the Muslim female, please do read the above and then read the Qur’aan. Believe me, if Allah Subhaanahu wata’aala meant for hijab to be a sign of male authority, the Qur’aan would be as unambiguous about it as Paul is in the Bible. Isn’t this difference the kind of thing that attracted you to Islam in the first place?

  6. Laique said,

    The paragraph quoted here is true and right, and I totally aggree with its contetnts, And here all women in particular are addressed.



  8. Mr. Truth said,

    So What’s the issue? Is the Hadees not authentic? Or women should not go to hell? I checked the authenticity of this hadees and it is indeed part of Bokahari. Seems like Muslihoon does not the like the organization Dawat Islami?

  9. Anonymous said,

    Because Dawat-e-Islami is a shining example of the truth, so Muslihoon can no longer lie about Islam

  10. muslimah786 said,

    hello n salaamz,
    i would just like to say you cant pick up one hadith and what the person has said about it and feel you know everything about a group.
    if you want to quote something you should put the whole talk up and you will see for yourselves.
    i advice people to take a look at the dawat e islami website and judge for yourselves.
    Also i think we muslim women are ver capable of speaking up for ourselves and as muslims we have the right to speak up for ourselves. women in the west did not have the right to vote until after the world war, however muslim women have always had the right to vote ever since islam came.

  11. Hamza Khan Qadri said,

    neways ..watch the behaviour of the dawat e Islami pple with ur own eyes…their dealings with women filled with chastity and chivalry…they mention women without forgetting to call them sisters…..sumthing amongst many europe lost even b4 it turned secular by the hands of zions…

  12. Mohammad Waheed said,

    hhhhhha all my brothers and sister if you would know What Dawate islami is All About Non of you would had Post a Negative Comment About it Buz this is the Only
    jAMAT with Pure and True Islam, the Mottto of Dawate islami is to I have to Correct my Self and all the Peoples of World.
    Thats why in a short Period of time it been Spread in 66 countries of the World and had changed Millions of Peoples Lives to an Obedient Servant sof God.
    People who were Wasting their Lives in Sins has become the Followers of the Sunnah of the Holly Prophet Mohammmad (Saw) The Disobedient Kids had Become
    Obedient to their Parents, People who never Care About their Prayers had Become
    Regualr PRAYERs including Tahajud i ask all of you who claims to be a muslim,
    how many of you Pray Five times a day iam sure very few or non and out of the few one who pray five times how many of you pray tahajud iam sure non.
    this is the difference.
    People who had serious Diseases had been recovered frome their sickness and diseases who were told by doctors that they can not do any thing for them, when they joined the Dawate islami God Bless them with cure without Using any Medication and even the Doctors were Surprised to see them healing frome their disease which was imposibble for them to provide treatment.
    this is a universal truth that Each time when ever Some try to do the right thing Satin with all of his FOLLWERS try to Stop buz He does not want to See the People Putting their Lived on right Path. and He misleads and Misguides Innocent People in Such a way that they follow him with out knowing that where he is leading them too.
    and the result is a hell fire.Satin Becomes very Happy to lead us to a Hell Fire.
    I Chanllange all of you who have any negative feelings or thought about Dawate islami. Just go to the Dawate islami Mosque on Every thirsday between Maghrib to isha Prayer for few Weeks and you will be a different Person and also if you have any
    Problem like have no job, have some thing in Court,been married for long time and have no kids but wants to have one, you try hard but are not Succesful, and Have a Disease which have no cure Just Pray for you in the DUA during the your stay in Dawate islami Mosque between Maghrib and isha Prayer you will see your self that if you did not had a job you will find one, you were sick with a diseas which has no cure
    you are recovered, you been married fr long time and were not blessed with a son or daughter God will Bless you with a son or Daughter.
    Just be ware of satin and his sons as he does not want you to change your life to a wads a true Islam.
    Now Make a note of it iam not a Member of Dawate islami but only use to go to dawate lslami Mosque and what i know Non of you would know Unless you go their
    and Experience it your Self.
    I am sure once you go there you willbecome a Part of it, Inshallah as Truth Speaks it self.
    The Only Precaution you have to do is just beaware of Satin and His Sons as he will lead you to a Wrong way, and you will Spend all of your life thinking you are right, and will die with that thought and it will be too late than to change your self.
    Buz your time would had been over and once you die you will not get no second chance.
    May God Bless All of Us with His Rahma and Show us the right Path.
    and May Raise US with the right Group of TRUE Mslims Ameen.

  13. Ishraq said,


    Worlds Best Organization!

    True Islam…
    Read the FREE BOOKS available on the download section!! A MUST for every Muslim!!

    It is non extremist, non terrorist and non political!

    Become a Muballik/Muballika, cleanse yourself, cleanse the whole world!,

  14. Riyaz Attari said,

    There are hundereds of non-muslims here in South Africa who have accepted Islam at the hands of the Mubaligheen (Preachers) of Dawat-e-Islami.

    Many of these new Muslims, who have never been to Pakistan and have never seen Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat, are blessed to see him in their dreams and gain benefit from his spiritual guidance.

    Many sinful muslims here who were living under the sheet of neglegence and ignorance have become respectable people of society and now pray five times a day while inviting others to payer as well, and also adorn themselves with the beautiful dressing according to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihiwasallam.

    Many Islamic Sisters who were very fashionable with dressing in a manner which revealed their bodies to the evil eyes of men, have now adorned the Madani Burka (veil) and have become obedient servants of Almighty Allah.

    Take a challenge and attend the gatherings of Dawat-e-Islami, if Almighty Allah wills, you will find a spiritual revolution within yourselves. I know I certaily did.

  15. waqas said,

    salam,to every body dawate islami is agreat organisation it is true face of ISLAM on e
    arth.really PEACEFUL now watch live ijtima on MADANI CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.TO WATCH MADANI CHANNEL GO TO: http://www.dawateislami.net or http://www.faizaneraza.org or http://www.madanichannel.com

  16. azmina aatique said,

    asalamaalekum warah matullahi wabarakatu ya muslimaaz

    wel 1st n foremost plz dnt col our beloved prophet MUHAMMED sallalahu alayhi wassallam p.b.u.h mo coz hz nt any 1ov us k so learn hw2 RESPECT hiz name……………

    wel islam iz da best religion inda whol universe bt sum ov us r laid bak wich iz really sad bt i hop de realize dz fast as possible INSHALLAH………………

    HIJAB shows da modesty ov a women so ol da muslimaaz wear hijab n mak islam proud ov us by wearin da HIJAB …………….


  17. Muslihoon said,

    Azmina – I highly suggest you type out your comment in somewhat legible English, so others can understand you. I had difficulty understanding some things you wrote.

  18. sheikhnaveed said,

    مرشدی عطار پر نور کی برسات ہو

  19. barkat ali said,

    salam for all
    1000 bato ki 1 bat
    kam kam kam bas kam
    har waqat deen per amil
    ess ka elaj hay

  20. Shan Karachi said,

    Weldone !

  21. SSSS said,

    mujhey dawat e islami sey pyar hain INSHALLAH AZAWAJAL REHEYGA BI 🙂

  22. shafaq said,

    Allah o tabarak taala ham sab ko naik aamal ki tofeek day.Aameen summa Aameen

  23. Nazir Khan said,

    what a blatant inaccurate article !! if the person bothered doing any research of the subject matter he would not come up with this taken out of context conclusion.

    for your information Islam gave women rights 1400 years ago unlike in the west where women have only just recently been given rights.

  24. jabir said,

    i like it

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