Of Betrayal and Treason by Intelligence Officers

April 22, 2006 at 12:07 am (Uncategorized)

We do not usually like to talk about matters concerning the intelligence community as We have been quite disappointed in it. Too many members of the intelligence community are not taking their jobs seriously, using their positions to harm the Bush Administration and, thereby, unwittingly national security.

Regarding the recent issue of the Central Intelligence Agency firing a Mary McCarthy for leaking sensitive information to the media, We made some comments in this thread of the Ace of Spades Headquarters and in this thread of protein wisdom.

Regarding the partisanship of The Agency:The CIA is supposed to be non-partisan. When did this change? This used to be one of the feathers in the CIA’s cap.

Regarding the general issue of leaks: By the very nature of their work, the work of the CIA and the NSA (and a whole lot of TLA-agencies) is by definition illegal. If they were legal, special agencies would not be needed. Members of the intelligence community must be willing to break any and all laws. The exception, of course, are the laws of the United States. Then again, these agencies do not have the authority to include the United States in their scope. The FBI and the DHS, et cetera, take over on that, and they operate on very different rules. But to suggest that the CIA might be doing something improper and must, therefore, be exposed is ludicrous to the extreme.

These leaks from the CIA are doing more to endanger national security and our efforts to work with other nations in the war on terror. We find it utterly ridiculous how leftists constantly harp on our lack of allies and at the same time actively engage to alienate what allies we have.

She should be prosecuted and jailed. Her actions are unacceptable, untenable, and unjustifable. Frankly, We would like to see her tried and executed for treason (The United States are at war, after all) but We understand many may find that to be on the extreme side.

We do not understand how such people can bring it upon themselves to commit such treasonous acts against The Republic. Even if one hates the Administration, one would be expected, at the very least, to love The United States. Members of the intelligence community who abuse their position and knowledge to attempt to harm the Administration are some of the worst traitors because of their access to sensitive information.

We must express Our profound disappointment with various members of the intelligence community who are casting a bad name on the intelligence community and who are jepoardizing the hard work of many dedicated members thereof. The intelligence community ought to establish its own courts wherein such criminals and traitors can be suitably tried and sentenced. Whether in times of war or peace, such a profound betrayal of The Republic ought to punished by execution.

inna naHnu-l-a’lam.

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