Iran threatens Israel with annihilation. Again.

April 14, 2006 at 2:39 pm (Uncategorized)

According to a news report by Yahoo! News, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that “the Zionist regime is heading toward annihilation. The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm.” (Emphasis added.)

Oy. We need not say anything more.


  1. Astral said,

    The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, propose to the international community that the state of israel is moved to Europe, particularly in Germany and Austria, continent and countries where from originates the majority of the inhabitants of israel, rather than the middle east, its current location, where obviously, it never has been integrated with the local populations.
    This proposal stands to reason and contrasts with the insane idea to establish a Jewish state in the middle of Arab populations. One would have liked that it was considered a few tens of years behind, at the time where the situation with the middle East was not as degraded as it is it now and where the plan of occupation of the Palestinian territories (colonization) was less advanced. It would have been possible to organize the return of the Jews in their countries of origin as returned the other deportees of Europe there. One cannot sees indeed why the Arab populations of Palestine must support the Israeli occupation whereas the persons who caused Jewish persecutions are not originating in these regions! It is completely absurd and unjust and the argument of the Iranian president is from this point of view, unstoppable.
    Now, the conclusions he draws from that are debatable, to wish the end of israel is not the solution, as to wish the end of Palestinian by colonizing them is not either. His remarks have the merit to draw the attention on the slow genocide of the Palestinian people. The occident believed it could get rid of the Jewish problem by putting it on the back of arab populations. What a historical error! Even if arabs living after the war were more flexible than those nowadays, it were certainly the worst idea of the century to establish them in an environment which was to them in all points foreign.
    Then, is it possible to put things in order and to put an end to this population transplant against nature? Undoubtedly, one will need a voluntarist policy of the international community which must act confronted to the failure of the state of israel. Counting on the deterioration of the situation does not lead to anything, one does not make people bend when they defend their territory, the Israelis learned it at their expense and American in Iraq too.
    The Israelis are in front of a wall, they created places of concentration for the Palestinian population to control the one they could not deport, and don’t know what to do now. A situation which should be familiar for them but that they seem to discover each day so much the improvisation of their actions is striking, without pun. They cannot from now on live any more without their enemy. The enemy is necessary. He justifies the use of the force, he legitimates the expansion of the colonies, he replaces any discussion. There never was negotiation between israel and Palestine, only confrontation, the invasion of Palestine carried in germ a final tragedy, and it will be tragic.

  2. urbansocrates said,

    Remember though that the creation of Israel was a British commitment (the Balfour Declaration) resulting from the strength of certain Jews in Parliament, and that the Zionist movement was originally oriented toward a secular state in which Jewish ETHNICITY held pride of place.

    Iran can no more make the Jews go away than the Turks can rid themselves of the Kurds. The difference is that the Jews have a state already, one that is internationally recognized. It is also the closest thing to a democracy in the middle east, something that the West favors from an ideological point of view.

    The solution to the “Jewish Problem” as Iran’s government now defines it will be much like Hitler’s because it springs from the same roots: “The Jews don’t belong in _____________, so let’s get rid of them.”

    When have the Jews ever belonged anywhere? The Jews can belong in Israel only as long as they are willing to defend their nation and have the backing of powerful allies like the US. That’s been the situation since Israel was formed after WWII; someday that will probably change, but I doubt it will happen during the lifetime of Iran’s president.

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